Techryde Accelerates Traction for Restaurants

TechRyde provides breakthrough POS technology to restaurants and hospitality businesses allowing them to significantly increase their operational efficiencies.

After having spent the last 6 months in TDBC’s Start-Up Visa (SUV) program, TechRyde is ready to roll out its innovative point-of-sale technology solution to restaurants and hospitality services across North America. The launch comes at an opportunistic time as restaurant and hospitality services across the world are looking to upgrade and simplify their operations.

TechRyde is a digital technology company that provides businesses within the restaurant and hospitality with the ability to streamline their order taking and processing ability. The company delivers this ability through their AnyPOSConnector technology, a single omni-channel platform that facilitates online ordering, contact-less ordering, and order processing. Using a cloud-based subscription model, the company has the ability to rapidly deploy and integrate its platform to clients across the globe.

TechRyde’s technology will be especially useful for restaurants that use numerous ordering platforms. After receiving orders from third-party platforms, restaurants would then have to input the same order on their POS system leading to inefficiencies and errors. The AnyPOSConnector eliminates these inefficiencies by automatically registering all orders onto the restaurant’s POS system. The technology also provides other benefits including order throttling for peak hours, real-time menu synching, and the ability to quickly exclude unavailable items from all menus.

Founded in 2016 by Sandeep Mahal, TechRyde’s vision is to digitize the restaurant and hotel industry’s operations. Mahal’s decades of experience with Oracle MICROS as well the hospitality industry is what allowed him to see the problem and opportunity within the sector. Under his leadership, the company has already had numerous achievements under their belt. Till date, they have already deployed their POS technology to over 1500 restaurants including Starbucks, Pizza Hut, and numerous other restaurants in the United States. The company is also the preferred digital solutions partner for Oracle MICROS and Simphony, the leading global POS service providers. Originally based out of India, Mahal made the strategic decision to move his headquarters to Toronto in order to cater to the North American market.

Having spent the last 6 months in TBDC’s SUV program, Mahal is confident about his decision to move his business to North America. “We felt that TBDC would be a tremendous partner for us and their SUV program had everything we were looking for including one-on-one mentoring, expert advisory, and access to numerous investors ”, said Sandeep. “The SUV program has given us immense value and has provided us with all the tools and advice we need to establish our business in this new market”.

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