TeamGram – The cloud app that helps SMEs sell more and get more done

Three years ago, Ahmet Yurekli from TeamGram realized a technology gap that small and medium-sized enterprises faced – they weren’t able to consolidate their daily business processes on a single software platform as easily as larger firms. “In smaller companies, even when staff are familiar with technology on a personal level, it’s much more difficult for them to build a system where information can flow seamlessly throughout the company. They just don’t have the IT resources to integrate all the aps they need,” he explained. Thus, TeamGram was born. Today, the business provides an integrated, universal software tool to help SMEs with CRM, accounting, order processing, form management, and more.

Ahmet sees two clear objectives that recent developments in tech and artificial intelligence have made possible: visualization and recommendation. For the TeamGram team, it’s all about helping firms visualize data in an accessible, palatable manner, and making smart recommendations to inform business decisions. With the help of Toronto Business Development Centre, Ahmet and his team are gearing up to launch the international version of TeamGram.

This serial entrepreneur has founded three other startups in the past – Ahmet saw the successful exits of two, and currently sits as a board member on the third. The best piece of advice he’d give new entrepreneurs? Don’t give up prematurely. “One thing I’ve learned over time,” he said, “is that as startup entrepreneurs, we tend to overestimate short-term results and underestimate long-term gains. Too many startup entrepreneurs get discouraged when they fail to see immediate results and give up, only to see others realize their dreams shortly afterward. Perseverance is key to success.”

Ahmet is originally from Turkey, attended graduate school at Stanford University, and moved to Toronto four months ago. To him, the trade-off between sunny San Francisco and Toronto came down to diversity. He was looking to assemble a team that was diverse in both language and thought, so to better serve TeamGram’s widespread roster of clients. Ahmet was pleasantly surprised at how welcoming the city was, even discovering one of his favourite Mediterranean dishes – stuffed vine leaves – at a market the first week he arrived. Today, he is proud to call the city home.

Learn more about TeamGram here.

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