TBDC: The Gateway to the West for Indian Entrepreneurs

Neha Bahl, CEO of TBDC, explains how Toronto has become of one the most attractive cities to invest in for global Indian entrepreneurs.

Over the last decade, Toronto has emerged as one of the top destinations for global businesses that are looking to scale. This rise can be attributed to numerous factors including the city’s close vicinity to the US market, favorable government policies, and access to an ever-increasing pool of talent and resources. Toronto Business Development Centre, one of Toronto’s leading business incubators, provides Indian entrepreneurs access to North America market through its various programs.

Recent changes in the United State’s immigration policies have made it extremely challenging for aspiring Indian entrepreneurs to break into the lucrative North American market. However, Toronto presents an alternative route that has significantly fewer obstacles and is financially feasible. A shared border and friendly trade relationship between Canada and the USA make Toronto an extremely attractive landing destination for Indian entrepreneurs.

Another key advantage that Toronto offers is its ease of doing business. In an effort to make the city more welcoming to global investors, the Government of Canada have provided numerous incentives that enable businesses to grow and thrive. According to a KPMG Competitive Alternatives Report, Toronto ranks ahead of all major U.S. cities and is the sixth city worldwide in business cost competitiveness.

However, Toronto’s biggest advantage is in its growing pool of global talent and resources. The city is one of the most popular destinations for global talent due to the immense opportunities it offers. Indian companies that choose to establish their businesses here will gain access to an incredibly talented and diverse workforce. Toronto is especially well known for its rich tech ecosystem with experts across various sectors including Artificial Intelligence, Clean Tech, Health Care, and Auto. The city is also home of numerous internationally renowned education institutions including Ryerson University, York University, and University of Toronto which produces some of the brightest young minds. Toronto’s start-up ecosystem also attracts significant attention from global venture capitals and angel investors making it easier for founders to gain access to capital. According to Silicon Valley Bank’s quarterly State of the Markets report, US investor participation in Canada has increased in the last 5 years and reached a high of 48 percent in 2020.

Having operated in the Toronto market for over 3 decades, TBDC has maintained an impressive track record and has helped over 2000 companies in building and growing their businesses. Assigned as a designated organization by the Government of Canada, TBDC’s flagship Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program allows aspiring Indian entrepreneurs to incorporate and launch their businesses in Toronto. With strategic partnerships in India and Canada along with an impressive mentor network, TBDC is the preferred organization for Indian entrepreneurs who dream of gaining access to the North American market. By enrolling in the program, founders can fast-track their start-up goals of establishing and scaling in the North America. Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program is relevant to start-ups and scale-ups as TBDC provides a one-stop-shop of services including access to government programs, marketing support, business network, and access to talent and capital. For more information about our organization and programs, visit our website here.

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