Sunny Verma – TutorBright

With locations in Canada, Australia, and soon the USA, Sunny Verma’s TutorBright aims to not only raise a child’s grades, but also their self esteem. Before launching TutorBright in 2009, Sunny felt that taking any ordinary job was not an option. “After travelling I wanted a life that was really invigorating and where I didn’t know what the day-to-day was going to be like.” That is when Sunny discovered TBDC. Sunny sought help from TBDC at a very early stage in his business, and it was where he met some of his closest friends and colleagues. “TBDC has been a platform to help entrepreneurs really discover and develop their own potential”, explains Sunny. As an entrepreneur, Sunny has not only helped raise the confidence of children around the world, but he is living his life on the edge. Click here to learn more about Sunny’s journey .

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