Paola Giavedoni – The Candy Bar

Opening up a dynamic and delicious candy store was something that was always in the back of Paola Giavedoni’s mind. “The idea of starting my own business kept creeping up”, explains Paola. Paola strongly believes that one should start a business they love, and with that idea in mind, The Candy Bar opened in 2012. However, before the raving reviews came along, Paola knew that she needed help with getting her business off the ground. “It was empowering to be with other entrepreneurs”, reflects Paola upon her experience of meeting like-minded self-starters at TBDC. Looking back at how far she has come, Paola explains that even though starting a business is a big risk, it is fun and interesting along the way. Her shop has brought a smile to the people of Toronto, and Paola is excited to see what is in store for The Candy Bar.

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