MYOH joins TBDC’s Business Incubation Program

We are pleased to introduce MYOH Inc. as Toronto Business Development Centre’s most recent business incubation client!

MYOH, an established design, manufacturing and distributing enterprise of decorative hardware and functional storage organization system for the housing marketplace, has been accepted into TBDC’s business incubation program since November 2014.

With active assistance and support from TBDC, MYOH is well on their way in developing plans to set up distribution and eventually manufacturing facility in Canada to serve the North American market.

Pankaj Gulati, CEO/Owner and Partner of MYON noted that “The decision to set up business operations in Canada was relatively easy, because of the country’s pro-business policies which includes the Startup Visa initiative. In this regard, Canada offers a welcome environment to young start-ups focussing on innovation and entrepreneurship.”

Since arriving in Canada in late early January 2015, MYOH incorporated their Canadian business, participated in two North American trade shows and has made contacts with a showroom and distributer in Canada.

We at TBDC are excited to continue working with MYOH and facilitate their successful transition to operate in the Canadian and American markets.

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