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Tonk produces a wide range of high-end concrete tiles that blends art with a high-tech design.

Tonk is a design company that produces concrete tiles for walls, floors, and panels for residential and commercial properties. Tonk’s products are creative and contemporary in design while also incorporating the latest in high-performance concrete technology. Having already established a solid presence in Europe, the company now has its eyes set on the North American market by moving to Toronto through TBDC’s Start-Up Visa program.

Tonk’s approach to its products combines the best of art and design with the latest technological advances in high-performance concrete. Innovation is at the core of what the company does as the product design team continuously works to adapt to the ever-evolving tile market and deliver the latest concepts to their customers. The products themselves are of high quality, made from lightweight precast concrete and suitable for both outdoor and indoor usage. Furthermore, the modular structure of the products allows for maximum flexibility and personalization. Sensibility is another key driver behind how Tonk operates. The design team constantly works to understand the needs of architects, interior designers, and home builders to ensure their creative ideas are brought to life.

Tonk has already achieved a sizeable footprint and market traction especially, in the European market. The company has established distributors for its products in Turkey, Canada, England, Israel, Australia, Belgium, and France. It is also currently in the process of building a network of representatives across the United States. Through their participation in IDS Toronto, Tonk has amassed a large following among interior designers and architects in the Canadian market and has also recently signed an agreement with an Ontario-based distributor.

The company was started 7 years ago in Turkey by the husband-wife duo of Serhan and Hande Ertan. Serhan heads the business and brings a rich experience in product management and business development. He has been critical in growing the business by building a robust and extensive distributor network for the company. Hande is a seasoned marketing executive with over 20 years of experience across all aspects of communications. She is responsible for establishing and growing the Tonk brand across all key stakeholders. Under their leadership, Tonk has seen immense growth and has won numerous design awards including RedDot, A’Design, and the Turkish Design Award.

The move to Toronto represents the company’s long-term vision of becoming an established player in the lucrative North American tile market. The company also plans to eventually move its entire production process to Canada in the future. The TBDC SUV program has worked closely with Serhan and Hande in their transition to this new market. “We are fortunate to have the opportunity to work with one of the most successful incubators in TBDC and they have helped open many doors for us”, said Hande. TBDC has assisted the company in establishing its business in Toronto by providing access to resources and a large mentorship network.

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