Lorice Haig – Xenex Enterprises Inc.

Being one of the first clients to go through the program in 1991, TBDC provided CEO of Xenex Enterprises Inc., Lorice Haig, with an “environment where the entrepreneurial spirit was being nurtured”. As a leading provider of workflow automation and electronic signature solutions for the surety bond industry in North America, Lorice knew that he could turn to TBDC for more than just office space. Lorice says that, “being able to sit and talk to other entrepreneurs that are almost in the same boat and almost have the same kind of challenges was extremely, extremely invigorating”. With Xenex Enterprises Inc. being his third business, Lorice knew that he would need as much help as he could get, and TBDC was a place where like-minded entrepreneurs could come together and share ideas. Lorice stresses that even though there will be challenges, you should always keep the dream alive.




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