Libby Lund Pederson – Downtown Kids Academy

For Libby Lund-Pedersen, starting a business would not only mean achieving a dream of hers, but it would also help her solve a problem that she herself was facing at the time. While working in the world of PR and marketing, Libby discovered that she was pregnant, and quickly began looking at places that provided child care in the King West area. After being placed on countless wait lists, Libby decided that it was time for her to venture out and start her own business with the help of TBDC. “Once signing the paperwork with them, attending the seminars, it really made the concept of owning the business a real prospect”, says Libby. Founded in 2005, today Downtown Kids Academy is flourishing, and by starting a business, she has never felt so rewarded. Click here to discover more about Libby and her business.

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