Joshi Health Inc.

Cutting Edge Innovation in Healthcare Solution

With a goal of developing innovative healthcare products for Canadian and international markets, Joshi Health Inc., a Toronto startup company, is working to commercialize a number of new technologies for use in hospitals. The company is led by two entrepreneurs from India, Dr. Harendra Joshi and Dr. Jalpa Joshi, who are establishing their business under Canada’s Startup Visa Program with the support of Toronto Business Development Centre (TBDC).
The company is currently developing a product line designed to reduce the risk of medical complications associated with the administration of intravenous (IV) line therapy.  To support prototype development, Toronto Business Development Centre facilitated an introduction to technical advisors from NRC-Industrial Research Assistance Program who recognized the market potential of this product and helped to arrange Government of Canada financing for prototype development.

The company plans to launch its “Fluid Level Indicating Sensor” (FLIS) during later this year and has already received interest from potential customers in Canada, the USA and Europe.

Entrepreneurs who come to this country like the Joshi’s, who bring innovative ideas and invest in their Canadian businesses, contribute significantly to job creation and local economic development.

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