Jacqueline Sava – Soak Wash Inc.

Jacqueline Sava founded Soak Wash Inc. in 2005 as a secondary product as a result of her clients asking how to care for their knit accessories they had bought from Jacqueline. She had never intended to start her own business, instead it had evolved naturally for her. As her business began to flourish, Jacqueline knew she could not continue to work from home, and that is when she came to TBDC. TBDC not only gave Jacqueline her first office space, but it also helped her connect with other small business owners. “My favourite part about being an entrepreneur is being able to see how the products I make and the services that we offer really enhance other people’s lives.” Jacqueline’s product has not only made her the entrepreneur she is today, but she has been able positively influence the lives of the people around her.

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