Hydrostor Inc.

Toronto Business Development Centre client company, Hydrostor Inc. is launching the world’s first underwater compressed air electricity storage system – a technology that could add to the range of storage options and help renewable power gain wider acceptance.

Located three kilometres off Toronto Island and in 55 metres of water, sits the first ever underwater compressed air energy storage system. Officially unveiled on November 18th, Hydrostor’s system is connected to Toronto Hydro’s electricity grid where it will remain until a two-year pilot study is complete.

“The wind doesn’t always blow, the sun doesn’t always shine and certainly not at the right amount when you need it.” Curtis VanWalleghem, CEO, Hydrostor Inc.

Hydrostor is a unique energy storage system as it uses compressed air and the pressure of water to run its system, and produces zero emissions. The technology works by running electricity through a compressor and converting it into compressed air. The compressed air is sent underwater where it is stored in large balloon-like structures, made out of the same type of material used in marine lift bags to raise shipwrecks. When electricity is needed again, the weight of the water pushes the air to the surface through a large pipe and an expander converts the air back into electricity.

Beyond southern Ontario, Hydrostor sees potential to expand to metropolitan coastal cities such as Los Angeles or Tokyo. Please, see the following links for the articles appearing in the Globe and Mail Hydrostor News and Toronto Star Splash of Electricity, as well as for the CTV News video Underwater Storage System.

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