Find Out How This Start-Up Can Help Transform Your Apartment

SPRNGPOD helps turn apartments into smart apartments by providing an all-in-one multi-service platform

SPRNGPOD Inc, a PropTech solutions provider, is set to disrupt the apartment solutions and automation category by announcing its expansion into the North American market. The start-up has made the move from Hong Kong through TBDC’s Start-Up Visa (SUV) Program.

SPRNGPOD is a smart platform that helps multifamily property developers and apartment operators deliver not just smart homes but smart living spaces that are simple, cost effective and scalable to deploy and operate. Homeowners can experience greater comfort and convenience in their homes through an innovative and award-winning app. A major feature of this app is Smart Homes, a service that enables a seamless living experience while also improving the property’s value. Two other game-changing features are Remote Viewing and Touchless Self-Guided Tours which allow homeowners and developers to provide comprehensive digital tours to prospective tenants and buyers. Additional quality of life improvement services included on the platform are a Digital Concierge service, Visitor and Package Management, Video Intercom, and Digital Signages.

Launched a couple of years ago in India , SPRNGPOD has already achieved impressive market traction by generating over 1 million app downloads and over 300,000 registered subscribers. Their existing client base includes service providers from the communication and real estate sectors in Asia. The company is primarily targeting multifamily property developers and apartment operators who are seeking solutions to make their properties more attractive and earn a greater return on their investments.

SPRNGPOD was founded by a team of former business and engineering leaders that had previously built multimillion-dollar ventures. At the CEO position is Roshan Dsouza, a former VP at Cisco who also served as the President of Hathway Broadband & Digital TV Ltd. He has immense expertise in the domain of sales management, product development, vendor management, operations, and team building. Supporting Dsouza is Ajith Nair, CTO and Co-Founder of the company who also worked at Cisco as the CTO of the SVPTG group based out of Shanghai- China. Nair, a skilled engineer with multiple patents to his name, handles all the software and hardware related solutions. The final member of the core team is Nigel Bailey, CMO and Co-Founder, who brings with him a rich background in marketing brand building. Bailey was the former brand leader at TBWA/RAAD, a large advertising agency firm in Dubai-UAE.

According to Dsouza, the decision to move SPRNGPOD to Canada was due to the higher adoption rates of smart home in the North American and European markets. “North America and Europe together have over 750 million smart phone users while also accounting for 50% of smart hotel and home deployment”, said Dsouza, “we strongly believe that moving our office to Toronto would give us better access to these markets and put us in a better chance to succeed’. In Canada, the company is aiming to primarily target property/multifamily developers and apartment operators.

For their move to Toronto, SPRNGPOD has closely worked with TBDC and is part of the Start Up Visa program. “What attracted us to TBDC was their strong leadership team as well as their ability to help us gain access to customers and achieve greater visibility”, said Dsouza. Through its rich pool of mentors and extensive network in the Canadian start-up ecosystem, TBDC has been able to provide SPRNGPOD with the necessary tools to establish their business here in North America.

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