Client Profile: Instinctive BI

Instinctive BI is an engineering company who focuses on the exploitation of data engineering solutions to help their clients simplify their business, reduce costs and drive up ROI. They offer strategic data development consultancy alongside core project delivery and data engineering services.

Instinctive BI is on the rise with many new and ongoing projects. Currently, they are working on a project which consists of developing their Instinctive Data Engineering Assessment (IDEA) Framework. “The IDEA Framework is really going to drive our engagement with new clients and bring the concept of Data Engineering to small and medium enterprises across both Canada and the UK,” said the company’s founder and CEO Nicholas McFadden.

Instinctive BI serves a diverse client base composed of financial institutions, challenger banks (UK), and fin-tech firms. Their success is accompanied by many challenges that they have had to overcome. One of them being able to tap into the relevant business support network in Toronto. However, with the assistance of TBDC, they had access to contacts and a network that allowed them to better understand the market, ways of working, and begin to build up a message that they knew would ring true with potential clients in Canada. “Having already established ourselves in the UK, it was very much a new experience, particularly on the client facing side,” he explained, “we live in the age of information, where customers expect quicker decisions. You have to be in a position where you’re putting in work ahead of time to create a pre-emptive customer experience. As the firm, we’re going to ask the right questions and answer them before the client has even asked.”

McFadden’s advice for new start-ups and entrepreneurs? “Make sure you have a solid plan about your business model which includes options and backups in case of any changes.”

Instinctive BI is one of the many companies that have found their home in Toronto with the help of TBDC’s incubation program.

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