Client Profile: Dual Fuel

In 1997, Dual Fuel Power Systems began operations to design, manufacture, and install conversion systems that allow diesel generators to run on Dual Fuel — a mixture of Natural Gas and a small amount of diesel. As a company dedicated to the development of alternative power systems, the dual fuel engines facilitates environmentally cleaner and cheaper operation.

The company’s growth is evident with their projects consisting of land based oil rigs, wellhead gas utilization, and their work with Shell Petroleum. Currently, they are working on converting marine vessels to run on dual fuel. Ships and Barges run on diesel engines that they are redesigning to become dual fuel. Adnan Khan, CEO, described it as being “a complex project due to the difficulty around working with variable speed engines, which makes the project even more exciting.”

With all their success, they have overcome many hurdles to arrive where they are now. One challenge that the company faced was entering the North American market and receiving the Canadians Standards Approval on their products. “A reason why Canadian companies are seen as world-class is because they operate with standards. Understanding the legal frameworks from things like Canadian Standards Association approvals to employment law and taxation takes some time.” With the help of TBDC, Dual Fuel Power systems operates out of Canada and their products have received the Canadian Standards Approval.

When asked what Adnan’s advice for a new start-ups was, he replied: “Research your market and make sure you have a solid understanding of what exactly your entering.”

Dual Fuel Power Systems has been around for 21 years and has made an impression in Canada’s energy ecosystem. Their revolutionary bi-fuel engines have helped the eco-friendly movement towards a cleaner environment.

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