CLEW Systems & Software

After working as IT consultant in North America and Europe for several years, Jonas Vermeulen saw an opportunity in Belgium and decided it was time to start his own company. “I was supported by the thought that many people saw the entrepreneur in me,” shares Jonas. CLEW Systems & Software has come a long way since its inception more than 4 years ago; today Jonas has more than 10 people on his team in Belgium. In order to take advantage of business opportunities in the North American market, Jonas sought help from TBDC’s Startup Visa Business Incubation Program to establish his new Canadian corporation. “TBDC introduced me to a lawyer, an accountant, and gave us good advice about how to recruit”, explains Jonas. CLEW Systems & Software works with international companies to build bridges between legacy software and develop custom made software solutions. This new company, which started operations earlier this Spring, has already created five new jobs and has plans for continued growth.

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