Carlera Inc. – Commercializing Innovative Life Sciences Products

Canada’s health and life sciences industry has been steadily developing throughout the years. Raffi Miskciyan, a molecular biologist originally from Turkey, came to Toronto to expand his company – Carlera Inc. – and capitalize on this growth. Carlera Inc. is a distributor for genetic research products, molecular diagnostic products, and forensic analysis products. Raffi has over 25 years of experience running the company in Turkey; today, the business is based in Canada, but still exports to Turkey.

Raffi was inspired to bring Carlera to Canada when he discovered how difficult it was for university research groups to market their products on an international level. He explained that the products were especially difficult to sell because they are highly technical, require long periods of testing and approval, and serve a niche customer base. Carlera helps such research groups by allowing them to get their product to the intended market.

Carlera’s founder also spoke about the future of technology, citing the rise of automation as a major stepping stone for medical professionals. “For example,” Raffi said, “we’re starting to see the use of molecular missiles that can be automated to target cancer cells without harming good cells. As these innovations become easier to produce, they’ll also become more accessible to the Canadian public.”

Raffi’s family decided on Toronto because of the level of safety, and the superb Canadian education system. Today, Raffi continues to build Carlera Inc. with his wife and son, Artun, who manages social media and communications for the company.

Learn more about Carlera Inc. here.

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