Belgian Entrepreneur Chooses Toronto

Belgian entrepreneur Jonas Vermeulen, has chosen Toronto as a base for his company’s North American operations. His company, CLEW Systems & Software Canada provides software programming, application development and integration services supporting manufacturing and food processing companies in Europe and North America.

Two primary factors were involved in Mr. Vermeulen’s decision to establish operations in Toronto. First was the availability of information technology talent in the greater Toronto area and second was the strategic location to pursue new business opportunities in the USA.

Prior to establishing their new operation, Vermeulen sought help from Toronto Business Development Centre to establish his new Canadian corporation. “TBDC introduced me to a lawyer, accountant, and gave us good advice about how to recruit in this market”, explains Vermeulen. The company actively draws upon a strong pool of IT talent from the GTA that has already resulted in staffing seven new technology positions. CLEW continues to recruit to support its growing business both here in Ontario and in Belgium.

With the support of TBDC and Canada’s Start-up Visa Program, Vermeulen and his family have moved to Toronto and are proud to make the city their new home.

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