Alyssa Caron – Bridezilla Beauty

Alyssa Caron had been working in the beauty industry for many years before launching her own hair and makeup service in 2011, Bridezilla Beauty. After seeing how well other entrepreneurs were doing in her field, Alyssa knew she wanted to be in charge and have her own team someday. However, starting your own business is risky, and with the help of TBDC, Alyssa gained the confidence she needed to go after her dream. With each step she took towards completing the program she only became more sure of herself. Alyssa’s team is now comprised of 16 talented stylists, and her business has gained a strong presence in the hair and makeup industry. Alyssa believes that “it’s worth it to be your own boss”, and even though it gets tough at times, you should never give up. To discover more about Alyssa’s journey to success, please click here.

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