After working with financial advisors for most of his career, Kevin Mulhern noticed that the digital evolution of the publishing industry presented both problems and opportunities for both publishers, financial advisors and other sales professionals. In order to combat these issues and help advisors, Kevin created AdvisorStream, a platform that allows sales professionals to create powerful client communications while automating the referral and lead capture process.

AdvisorStream gives its clients access to articles and videos from the world’s most reputable sources such as the Globe and Mail, Forbes, and Reuters. Clients can filter through the content and create newsletters, emails, blog posts and more without worrying about copyright infringement. Furthermore, recipients are able to access the content within a client’s secure networking, without worrying about paywalls.

With the help of TBDC, Kevin has been able to make AdvisorStream the success it is today. “TBDC has been very helpful in growing with us”, explains Kevin, “and ensuring we had the service and office space we needed each step along our growth path.”

With AdvisorStream’s success so far, Kevin looks forward to the future. “We are currently rolling out the next evolution of AdvisorStream, which will be able to deliver millions of client communications not only for financial advisors but also for real estate agents and other sales professionals in multiple countries”, states Kevin.

We cannot wait to see what the future has in store for Kevin and AdvisorStream!
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